How to somehow RIP models to unreal engine?

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I always wanted to make my own video game, so I downloaded UE and see what I’m able to do. I’m a newbie into this.

So, I want an horror game where there are regular people. And I still don’t have a model. Excluding the fact that I have no idea how to replace the mannequin to a new model, I want to ask how I can rip a model of a game and use it temporarily. I want it so I can start making the animations (I’m planning on doing them on Autodesk 3dsmax, since I’ve done some before), and since the protagonist is going to be a girl, I don’t want to make girly animations on a man model xD

Then, when I progress in making the game, I’ll be ready to make my own model.

Right now, I’m thinking that the model from Life is Strange are some good ones and will fit temporarily on my game. As far as I know, this game was made in UE, so I think it can be compatible??

If this is some kind of rule and that you don’t allow to rip models from other games, then I apologize for that and I won’t do this, but it would really help me.

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It’s technically illegal to do that without the permission of the game developer who made the game. If you want to do that type of thing then you have to avoid sharing your work.
As far as UE4 editor being compatible with other UE games, usually it isn’t the files are cooked at the very least which means they can’t be opened with the editor again.
If you’re interested in assets then there’s lots of resources out there like Mixamo.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

What is Mixamo? What can I do with it?

They sell rigged characters and they also have a program called Fuse which allows you to make custom characters–though that got bought by Adobe and isn’t available right now.
They also have a free character pack that you can download from the Unreal Engine marketplace

So, I managed to find a good model online, and I find it great to use temporarily on my game. I have it in .fbx format… (I had to open in 3dsmax and then export in .fbx)
How can I replace the mannequin and use this model instead? I have only found this video tutorial, but it seems to be pretty outdated: the interface is completely different, and he seems to be using some tools that I don’t recognize.

I don’t mean to be annoying, It’s because I never did this before, and it can be quite confusing to me :expressionless:


After importing your FBX, it should create its own skeleton, and you don’t need to replace the manequin, as it will associate your mesh with the skeleton. Mixamo models are import-ready for UE4, you don’t need to edit it in any way unless you want to.

Lol, someone said this in a comment of the video:

Which is pretty much the case.

For me it is/was important to create own basic stuff, to understand how UE4 is handling stuff and how to setup/connect everything.
When i use stuff from others, then i need (to) much time to understand how they do it, to get it working.
I like it more to do it on my own, even when it is then not so fancy bling bling eyecandystuff.
I do not like to use stuff, which i not understand, or i could never solve errors and all these kicks in the butt on my own.
Some parts of tutorial series i did more then ten times, holy cow all this time…

BTW, Mixamo Fuse still exists and is still available and works with UE4 just fine :slight_smile: It’s actually fully free right now.

Also Mixamo made all their animations free for a limited time (as long as you get them now, you have em forever, though).

Nevermind. I made a question about exporting 3dsmax models to unreal engine, but it isn’t working.

I’m installing Mixamo Fuse and see what I can do. I’ll then ask if I have any issue.

By the way, if I make a model from Mixamo… can I import it to 3dsmax so I can animate it, and then export the animation to UE? If so, how?

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(Sorry for double post)

Okay guys. I made my model in Mixamo. How do I put it in UE? And, how can I export it to 3ds max, so I can make my own animations?