How to snap objects or vertex together?

Can somebody please tell me ho to make precise placement of objects (BSPs in particular). I’ve got a level with a whole bunch of objects with irregular forms and they don’t fit in the grid. How can I join them together? I’ve tried enabling actor snapping, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect…


In UE4 Editor you can snap pivot to vertex in one mesh, and snap pivot of one mesh to vertex of another mesh.

Tried this, but when pressing V it just snaps the center of the Box, not the side of it.
How can I choose which vertex to snap?
And this option doesn’t seem to working when in the Top view.

If you want move pivot, you need drag white sphere in center of transform widget with Middle Mouse Button.

press V and with MMB snap pivot to vertex

press V and with LMB snap mesh to vertex

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Oh biscuits! I missed that it has to be done with the middle mouse button!
Thanks a lot!

Or better yet… This plugin allows you to snap mesh to vertex without changing your pivot point.

Why it’s not possible now with MMB snap to vertex the pivot? It’s snapping, but not to vertex. 4.10

Thanks for this post.

the V button seems not to do anything

Can’t figure it out how to manipulate the pivot point.
It would be nice to be able to select the vertex and use it as a pivot to align it with another vertex as the first image on this post questions it and i mean using the vertex instead of the whole object in a way the object will just follow this vertex without deforming the object. That whould for sure align vertex to vertex.

I was able to do this without the plugin. This does not change your Pivot Point.

  1. Select the mesh you wish to snap.
  2. Grab the Vertex you wish to snap.
  3. Hold the V key.
  4. Drag the vertex with the Left Mouse Button until it is in position.
  5. Release the Left Mouse Button.
  6. Release the V key.

Sometimes you get glitches. I don’t know what caused it but I had one wall that kept snapping to strange places. I deleted it and duplicated another wall and it all worked fine. So if it doesn’t work correctly it could be that glitch. I can say that I am able to do this with the Geometry Materials. I haven’t tried with anything else. I like the geometry Materials because their sides can be changed individually. If there is a way to change the materials on the Static Material Sides Individually, can you let me know?

To solve such problems, I created a plugin. You can see here UE4 UE5 Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Engine 5 Vertex Snapping. Snapping helper plugin - YouTube