How to snap character's position when walking along balancing beam in Blueprints

Hi guys, I’m looking to create a beam (bridging from point A to B) that my 3rd person character can walk along. I want the character to snap along its path so that they can only move forwards and backwards when on the beam and when they reach the end, can revert back to regular movement.

What I have in mind is a similar effect that can be seen in many games such as Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider. Any suggestions, pointers or solutions would be a massive help! Thank you.

I heard in a GDC talk the in the new legend of zelda game they are using physics constraints to attach the player to walls and movable objects, maybe you could do something like this?

You can create a custom Movement Mode (a boolean like “isBalancing” will do it, too).
If your balancing part is a simple straight mesh, you can trace downwards on tick (check isBalancing first!), get the Balancing Mesh/Actor and if you find something, snap it to your desired position.
You may save the balancing mesh as a variable, too

Thanks for the suggestions guys, both interesting approaches! I’ll have a play around tonight to see what I can get out of each and hopefully find a useful method. I’ll post up when I find it!