How to smoothly rotate camera in blueprint?

I’m using a ThirdpersonCharacter with the attached camera on the head, so during the game the visual is first person.
As a lot of people do, the follow camera has the socket set to head and it’s using pawn control rotation.


The ThirdPersonCharacter has the controller Yaw set on true.

My goal is to rotate camera behind, it’s like the player want to see what’s going on behind him.
The blueprint I wrote here works fine, but there is only a problem related to the smoothness.
Now it’s like a brutal teleport and it’s not nice. I just want to emulate the head of a person looking behind, let’s say in 1 second 180 degrees.

So, I’ve tried using a Timeline which is the obvious solution, but nothing changed. Probably there is something wrong in the following blueprint:

So, how can I solve this problem? Are there any suggestions?
Thank you!

Timelines work best when combined with lerp nodes, something like that (example, not solution):

So, I’ve tried using a Timeline which
is the obvious solution
, but […]

I’d disagree with that. Timelines are best used when you need something to happen in X amount of time. But what if the player’s camera is already rotated by 30 degrees because it was collision-avoiding level geometry or was recovering from another LookBack rotation? Timeline would still execute its full duration even though there’s less rotation remaining - it will end up rotating much slower. Admittedly, you can up its playback rate but that’s unnecessarily convoluted.

Consider the following solution instead:

The only other thing you need to do is to EnableCameraRotationLag on the Springarm. This will give you a smooth yet consistent LookBack result.

tip: if you do not want the camera to do a 360 once the player is looking back directly, set the TargetRotation to -179.9 instead. The RInterpToConstant node will then be forced to return in the same direction it arrived from.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much for the exhaustive reply.
I’ve tried your solution: it works, but despite the enabling of the EnableCameraRotationLag in the CameraBoom, the camera rotates without smothness. Am I missing something?
Moreover, since the beginning of the game the rotation of the camera is not attached at the character anymore; for example if I rotate standing without using wasd directions, I see the face of my character. It’s like use pawn control rotation has been disabled. Is there a way to fix this?
Finally, it’s unclear to me why this is working because the self should be my character, not the camera like my blueprint used before.

This was more of a proof of concept rather than a ready-to-go solution. To make it work (better) with the 3rd person template, you’d need to add a couple of elements:

Perfect! It worked. The only difference is that I used the Follow Camera instead of Camera Boom because I attached the camera to my character:


Thank you very much!

Thank you so much I too was trying to use timelines but it wasn’t having it this is a much better solution thank you so much!

Thx a lot mate ! It helped me and it works perfectly