How to smoothly return character head to default position

Hello everyone! This is my first question here, I’ve started understanding Unreal Blueprints since few days.
So, I have a third person character that correctly rotates the head (Yaw and Pitch) towards mouse orientation, and the head stops rotating if mouse angle is >90 or <270. When the mouse Yaw (Z axis) is beyond the 270-90 range, the head returns to position with Yaw=0, but it returns in that position immediatly, too fast. How can I make the head return from, for example, 90 degrees (facing the right shoulder of the character) to 0 degrees (facing forward direction)? I’ve tried some solution with rotation interpolation but without success, the head starts spinning! Solutions?

This is the Function “Head Rotation Update” in Character Blueprint, called with Event Tick from “Event Graph”:

And this is the Anim Graph from Character Animation Blueprint:

Thank you!

the best and the easiest way to achieve what you want is using an aim offset.

you need at least 4 poses.
look up. look down . look right. look left

Aim offset

Thank you for this solution, I’m gonna give it a try, it seems exactly what I need!