How to smoothly move an actor?

I’m making a chess-like game where each “piece” has an animated character model. I want them to walk to each tile that they move to, but I can’t find any C++ tutorials on how to do that. I’ve seen people talk about using the tick function and timelines to kind of fake the movement of a piece, but is there a way to do this more organically, like using an animation blueprint or movement component?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ThatNerdFury,

So sorry you’re having this issue but I think I’ve found some documentation to get you started while you wait for the unreal super-geniuses.

Good luck and hope you get your issue resolved soon!

Slide you mean, yeah.
Check this function, you can use it for your character and also for other actors I guess.


You can use an FRotator with it.

Other methods is to write a C++ loop and feed vectors into it

I also am interestid into how I can do this other ways.
I’m also on this forum now seeking answers, I’m just a 'Unreal Starter Geek", I was hanging around Unreal Answers Hub, that site was better had many answers. This site is not as good as Answer Hub when you want to get C++ help.

This should work for other actor objects not for just the character.

So you need to get the location of the actor, and maybe it’s rotation if you want to use a FRotator with it. So actor’s location + Translation where you want it to go, in this case it’s the GetForwardVector then times Velocity Movement. You also have to set the velocity variable’s timing.

Here is a tutorial.
How To: Move Actors in Forward Direction (C++) - YouTube

So it’s function call that has all the stuff in it, plus your FVector world location of actor .
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thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.