How to smoothly increase speed of animation

I was just wonding how to smoothly increase the speed of an animtion. I have made a car and have animated the wheels. The animtion is slow as I was thinking as the car goes faster I would increase the speed of the animtion. But I want to make it that the animtion is smooth as the car gets faster. I tryed to make it that the animtion increases ever 1 mph(1.6kmh) but the animtion still does not look realistic as the animtion will just jump to the speed and does not look smooth. How would I do it that when the wheel get faster they change animation speed smoothly?

Thanks for any help!

Hey @MillipedeMan!

I would look into animation blendspaces. If you use a linear blend, for example, you can have a maximum rotation speed animation and and idle and blend between the two. Here is more information on blending animations in UE:

I hope the above is the solution you need!

I will look at them later thank for you reply!