How To Smoothly Blend Animation Assets with Static Poses to Create Circular Motions with Human Arms?

The subject line may sound easy but I’ve found this quite puzzling!

The goal is simple enough: take four animations (for example) which have a single skeletal mesh position - the arms a bit forward in all of these: arms up, arms down, arms left, and arms right. Each animation is just a simple pose (not to be confused with a pose asset) of the skeleton with no movement.

IMPORTANT condition: Because of the specificity of my project, I can’t use anim curves with a pose asset. I need to switch between the animations using a a single controller input assigned to each animation.

Why I’m STUCK:

Blend on Int in the anim graph, can only blend(interpolate) between the currently active animation and the one that preceded it. Therefore, when I switch from arms up, to arms left, to arms down, I don’t know how to get a smooth arc in the resulting animation so that the arms start up and in a circular motion end up with the down position. Instead I get a diamond shape: up to left, and then left to down. How can I round this out?

Re: Blend on Int: is it possible to have all the animations attached to the blend pins play through their entire duration even after switching among multiple? It seems like the blend node pauses the animation that preceded whichever you select with an integer. If the animations preceding the currently active one kept playing, I think this would create the smooth arc I need.

I thought to use 2D blendspaces, but this isn’t working either. Since, I can’t (or at least don’t know how) to precisely control the X, Y float in blueprints to create the arc I need with my controller input options, I tried setting each button to the precise coordinates for each animation within the blendspace and then using the blendspace’s interpolation options. This had the same results as Blend on Int - the unnatural diamond shape.

Imagine all you can do as a player is to select one of these animation poses at a time. I want to be able as a player to select the three positions in sequential order and have them create this smooth arc.

I’ve spent a couple weeks on this now and am at the end of my rope : / Any help I would greatly appreciate.

All the Best,