How to smooth move the "transform bone" node in the animation blueprint

I used the azure Kinect drive model for bone movement
I optimize bone movement by processing the output numbers
Three frames ahead of time to eliminate the excessive angle value, so as to reduce the model flicker caused by optical capture error
But finally “transform bone” is used. The result is that the movement of bone is represented by blink
I wonder if there is any way to make smooth motion
(SDK output is the bone tilt angle per second, not animation)
(the picture shows selecting the corresponding bone from the array generated by SDK to twist a specific angle to set the bone rotation.);base64

Try to use the Dynamic weighted moving average node in the AnimBP

Thank you for your reply
I use the interval method to save the data of the previous frame and the current frame. Make smooth motion
But it has no effect (even if the numerical difference is very large.)
I wonder if that’s right?