How to smooth camera movement between two relative locations when a button is pressed?


How would I achieve this?

So I have a the right mouse button set up to move the camera to the shoulder of the character (using relative location) and when released move the camera behind the character (3rd person shooter) - how do I smoothly move the camera between these locations?


You can get both positions and run a “vinterp” over it.

vinterp takes a current and target vector as well as the delta seconds (easily got via “Get world delta seconds”) and a interpolation speed (as float) and provides a new vector which is the result if vector current got interp speed moved towards vector target.

Simply doing this on “Event Tick” until it’s the position you want should do the trick.

Just get the relative location of your first position and the second one and set the relative location.

Take care to never use the world location since mixing those two doesn’t end well ;D

Hi Erasio, would you mind posting what the player BP would look like for this? Tried a few things but still having issues. Would be much appreciated.

Where do you have issues? With the interp itself? Getting two positions?

Are you using relative or world location? Maybe “Set View Target with Blend” helps you more than actually moving the camera. A bit more information would be nice if I should help you. Since one picture won’t be enough. You need to set up everything properly and I won’t do a full tutorial due to time reasons.