How to slow walk speed down?


I’m creating an Archviz scene without the starter contents and want to slow down walk speed when pressed WASD keys. How can I do so? need to modify BP?

Check the character blueprint, the default settings, in there is control of how fast you move, there’s a whole list of stuff you can tweak. Just scroll down until you see it. I don’t have it open to tell you more exact, but it’s easy to find.

Just open the character bp -> in the “default” tab search for “max walk speed” -> change it to a lower value :slight_smile:


Obihb, you are too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, you guys are fast!

Where can I find find the character BP? I have only a default Player Start.

When you use a template you can find it in the content browser (mycharacter). Otherwise you will have to create one + add it to your gamemode

Is there any tutorials for how to create one and add it to game mode? All I found was about something else…

How did you start the project?.. 100% clean?.

It might be worth starting with FPS or 3rdp blueprint template, depending on your view you want. Then just copy your custom content over to that project.

Either way, you can find some tuts over here…

I don’t have a “default” tab, and I don’t have a character BP…I am so lost in my 4.10 system and I just want to slow down my FPS speed. Please help! Elizabeth

I’ve started with FPS project, cannot find the modes you speak of. Only Content with FirstPerson, FirstPersonBP, Geometry, and StarterContent. Please help! Elizabeth

ok ive worked it out and its different on 4.10 and 4.11 go into class defaults, and on the left under add components, click on CharacterMovments (inherited) then on the top right of the screen details, then type in max walk speed.

I have a similar problem but i want to make an AI character walk slowly and sprint when he sees you.

Here is my blueprints and i have some basic movement aswell