How to slow falling speed when jump is held?


I hope you guys can help as I’m very new to blueprints. I want to be able to have my character slowly fall if the jump button is held but then free fall at normal speed if the jump button is let go. If possible i’d like to have it so you can keep holding and letting go of the jump button as you’re falling, like a parachute being opened and closed. Thank you in advance for any help, i’ve been wrestling with this for a while but getting my head round blueprints is a daunting task.

I assume you are familiar with gate nodes. Every interval, be it tick or preferably checked by a timer, call the gate node that opens and closes based on whether or not the jump button is pressed. If the gate can exit successfully (because jump is pressed) then you can call the launch character node with some positive force in z to counteract the falling velocity. Play with different values for this until you find something that works.

Hi there,

You can use SetGravityScale on CharacterMovement. Set it to anything less than 1 to slow down the fall of the character. Change it back to 1 when the jump button is released.

I tried using gravity scale, but you really had to stay on top of unsetting the scale modifier

this seems to be pretty effective, checking your velocity and correcting it on tick