How to slow down character movement speed when puching?

my english is really no good but please help me i can read some english

i just start useing unreal engine 4
i already can click left mouse for punching
but when character is punching the movement speed is the same like sprint speed
i want to slow down when punching

this is my screen shot please help me where i can set movement speed for punching
thank you very much i am not professional unreal engine user but i have a dream to develop my game by myself

If you are inside your Character BP, you can get the “Character Movement” and from that you can set “Max Walk Speed” to a value that fits your needs.

When the punch is finished, you can set it back to the base value (you can see and change the base value in the Movement Component settings at the top left of your BP (4.7.x)).

If you are not in your Character BP, you can just use “Get Player Character” and THEN get the Movement etc.

Since you have Cue Points for your Punch Start and End Notifier, you could place this logic inside your Animation BP and change the Movement speed there (like i told you above).

You just need to have Notifies for the begin of your MovementChange and of the end.

You can use this combination of nodes to change the movementspeed.
Just use it with 2 notifies. One for “start punching” one for “end punching”.

You already created Notifies, so i guess you know how to do this.

hi thank yo uvery much for answer

do you have some blueprint so i can see? i am lost now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dear eXi
i am very thank you for your goodness heart
i am try to do it in blueprint in this scrrenshot
but nothing happen my character still move veryfast when punching

How about connecting the white exec pin with something? The SET Node is not connected. Without a connection on the left side, it won’t get called.