How to slow down a rolling ball when rolling on different ground?

I’m a beginner of UE4 and I am developing a wood ball game.

I use a pawn as the ball and have a function to addForce to the ball depending on the holding time of the space key.

However, I got some trouble with the friction of the ball. Since I want the speed of the rolling ball would be different on different grounds (eg. slower on grass but faster on dirt), I try to apply different physical materials for both the grounds and ball but it seems no change even I set very high friction.

I know that I can modify the linear and angular damping in the ball but I want to know that can I modify the speed of the rolling ball by just setting the friction in the physical materials?

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So I’m an idiot, and this is probably bad for performance, but do a line trace down on tick and get the other actor, get physical material, compare to the name of the physical material you want to slow down and if it is that then change speed to x. Again probably not good for performance but try it anyways, maybe it’s not that heavy