How to skip sequence by widget blueprint?(4.26)

How to skip sequence by widget blueprint?
You can see my post image.
I can create button to open level sequence but I don’t know how to skip sequence.
Even I search on Youtube,I still can’t solve my problem.
Plsss help me!Thanks!

Ok… I’m not completely sure I understand your problem, but I am assuming it is this:

  • You have a Level Sequence Actor in your level that is actively playing.
  • You want to skip to the end and stop it when the user presses a button.

I believe you were creating a new sequence player, and then telling it to play. What you really need to do it get a reference to the actively playing sequence player and tell it to skip to the end.

Try modifying your widget blueprint to match this picture:

Note: I am assuming you only have one Level Sequence Actor. If you have multiple, some modification will be needed.

Hope this helps!

Thanks your responce.
But there have new problem when I try your BP,I only can skip one time。
If I play sequence two times or above, I can’t skip sequence!
How to solve it?

did you solve the one-time pass problem?