How to skip a sequence (with new 4.20 API)

In our game, we need to allow the player to skip already seen sequences.
So I created a new sequence player to keep the already played state and in every update I test if a skip button was pressed.

Then I use pSeqPlayer->SetPlaybackPosition(pSeqPlayer->GetLength());
and the sequence roll to the end then I can stop it.

I can’t just stop the sequence, because I need all the sequence’s events be launched.

This technic works since 4.10.

Now, in 4.20 there is a new

But my events are not launched, resulting in almost all skip crash the game because it miss something.

How can I ensure the events are launched ?

ok I figure it out.
As usual, we need to reverse engineering the code to understand why working features stop working :confused:

to replace the Set PlaybackPosition(pSeqPlayer->GetLength()) we need now to do :

double length = pSeqPlayer->GetDuration().AsSeconds();
double start = pSeqPlayer->GetStartTime().AsSeconds();
pSeqPlayer->PlayToSeconds(length + start);

…so much simple…