How to single out and copy/modify a single part of InstancedFoliageActor?

I’ve been tinkering about with the editor for a couple of days now and, while I’ve learned a lot, something continues to elude me.

There are a number of very large boulders that are completely indestructible and do not give resources when hit but which cannot have structures built on them. I want to alter these boulders so they can be built on. To my understanding, I need to find the boulders’ actors and change their collision type to “ground.”

In D2_Near_WIP there is a hill at coordinates -87958 181258. All the boulders located on the sides of this hill are indestructible in game. I can select them in the level editor but it selects all the boulders, smaller trees, bushes, and much of the grass in the entire area… most of which is harvest-able and thus I wish to leave alone. The details UI calls this “InstancedFoliageActor”. In addition to not being able to edit the collision type of this actor I cannot single out the properties of just the boulders I actually wish to modify. This actor also does not appear in the Scene Outliner UI nor anywhere in the Content Browser UI.

If I switch to Foliage Mode in the Modes UI and change to the Select Tool I can select individual boulders… but I don’t appear to be able to do much to them. They don’t appear to have any properties and can’t be converted to a normal static mesh actor.

The end goal here is, as I said, to change these boulders so they can be built on top of. But Right now I’d settle for just being able to separate them from InstancedFoliageActor so I can start working with them.

I was watching one of the excellent dev tutorials on YouTube and remember something about grouping. Maybe try to ungroup.

I have a somewhat related ambition: remove some obsidian resource instances from the map… Was wondering are you sure tinkering with the island map won’t result in a full Island bake making your small changes a massive mod to download?