How to Simulate Physics to Add Torque

Hello. I am currently New to Unreal Engine and trying to create an player pawn and have it move via Torque. However, I am unable to find where or how to add “Simulate Physics”, which is needed to make the player move.

Following is the Error Message when I run the game…
“Player_Pawn_C_0.Sphere Sphere has to have ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled if you’d like to AddTorque.”

If anyone has an answer and can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

The “character” class has its own not-really-physical movement component. You have to make a Pawn subclass, and add your own collision/body primitive/s to it, and then drive those with AddTorque and AddForce / AddInpulse functions.

On the object, there’s a “simulate physics” checkbox that needs to be true. Don’t know if you use C++ or Blueprint; in C++ you do this by setting the fSimulatePhysics flag; in Blueprint it’s a checkbox on the object.