How to simulate gravity on rotating surfaces?

Hello, I was wondering if someone has a way to rotate a surface, say a floor, in any direction while a player is standing on it? The catch is that I also need to change (or fake) gravity so it matches the direction of the floors “down”.

I’ve been looking into this plugin here: GitHub - HoussineMehnik/UE4-CustomGravityPlugin: Unreal Engine 4 : Custom Gravity Plugin

I think that it might make what I’m trying to accomplish easier, but if there is a way to do it without using any plugins I would rather do it that way. The reason I think there may be a blueprint alternative is because I don’t need 100% real gravity, I only need a simple simulation.

One of the practical applications of this would be something along the lines of spaceship with simulated gravity so that players who aren’t piloting it can walk around.

If anyone has any ideas or has done something similar to this, please let me know.