How to simply displace a mesh randomly along all faces without color texture?


All is in the title.
Here is what I would like to do on UE4 with random option.

On blender, I used displace with a distorted noise texture → simple.
On UE4, I searched on the net but some answers weren’t what I expected and seemed too hard for this simple task.

Thanks for your time.

You can do this with displacement, but you have to remember that UE is not modelling software.

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Thanks for the answer.

Yeah it’s not working pretty well. I can’t keep my faces flat… Is there no way to random properly and keep flat faces ?
A solution could be to generate 100 world on blender and got the feeling to get random planet ?

If you want to do it with displacement, then you have to make ( or use ) and random noise displacement map.

This may be what you are looking for:

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Hye Arunodas,

It looks great and thanks for sharing this with me. But, I would like to create a different world each time the player is starting a game, so I don’t think it’s the solution to automate my random worlds. I’m really close to the result right now.
I just get some gaps between my faces when I displace them (with Crack free displacement check).

In that case, try to do displacements like this. It will fix the cracking issue. (no need to enable crack free displacements)

Also, try to use Virtual HeightField Mesh as well:

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Add vector noise to mesh vertexes, or normal noise multiplied by vertex normal.

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Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna try in a few days :slight_smile:
I’m just wondering about the switch. It is to cancel the displace if I got a problem ?

That’s something custom to my landscape material (OpenLand). You just don’t need it.

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