How to sign an Windows assembly

Hello, how to sign an windows assembly, that means exe? Like here

To not let Windows display error “This application is not signed and can harm your computer” ?

I guess that even if i have Visual C++ project of game, it is project of UE Editor, so it is nonsense to sign it there (and moreover i cant find Signing tab in project properties in Visual Studio Express 2013).

So how to manage this? And same problem applies to exe setup, but thats another story… I am using Inno Setup to create installer.


This is probably related, however dont know how to use it yet. One needs probably generate certificate from Microsoft, and i guess its not free.


I just did encounter this issue today, The anti-virus and other security application like Windows SmartScan are stopping my windows build to work completely…

I am completly new to the Signing process. I know there is some kind of certificating Authorities that give you private and public key for the signing process. I dont really know how to find such authorities and I know even less how to use such keys…

I will try to make use of the links provided here : How to: Sign an Assembly (Visual Studio) | Microsoft Learn and SignTool.exe (Sign Tool) - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn