How to show the brush settings in the details window?

I’m following a basic tutorial as someone who is new to 3d editors.
In the tutorial the guy is editting the material that’s on the asset in the details window (rotating and making fitting transitions between surfaces). He has the following options:
Brush Settings

Meanwhile I can only transform the asset in a way of rotating and resizing in the details window.

I have looked this up and I have seen that you have to be in BSP mode? I have dragged a BSP box into the area so I would guess it’s in BSP mode but still I can’t seem to get the details window to allow me to edit the material.

Hi mate,

I had the same issue. I have a possible fix. In 4.14 you need to navigate to the ‘GEOMETRY’ tab under the modes section. (It’s the left hand side window. From there, drag a object such as a Box onto the level, then if not already, left click on the box you just dragged in, and look under the ‘details’ tab at the top it says ‘BRUSH SETTINGS’.

Hope this helped as it prevented me from working yesterday. A bit annoying

Thank you VERY much!!