How to show multiple instances of a variable(score) for a short amount of time, during the same time

Sorry for the title, and my englando.

Im doing a scoring system for my game. SO far I have a totalScore variable that stores the total score of the player (duh). And a addPoints that stores the amount of point a player gets when triggering stuff; finishing a mission, colliding in objects that gives points.

So system is a UMG widget with binded variables to show the scores and points.

What I need it to do: I need it to not just show the current addPoints value, but when addPoints gets changed it will show that value for a set amount of time (lets say 3s), and if during that time, addPoints get updated again it will show another instances of the variable(with the other value) for the same amount of time (3s). And after the time is up for the instance it dissapears.

I hope you can help me, cuz I really cant figure this one out, thanks. <3