How to shot projetile onto enemy direction?

I have an red enemy. When I pressed Z a Projetile is spawning.
how to shot projetile, always onto enemy direction?
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Easiest solution is to just use the “Look at Rotation” node to find the rotation the projectile needs to spawn “Looking at” the enemy.

It would do something like this:

LeftHandThumb4 (or other bones) rotations are not same as camera rotation and you want to spawn projectile into enemy direction. I think not always, but when player aiming right?

You have two simple solution and for sure some more:

  1. make projectile rotation from player camera direction - in short words. In need some tweaks for aim to screen center or anywhere it should aim but should work;
  2. check LeftHandThumb4 (or other bones) rotation, maybe it need to add 90 or so in any direction to tweak. I’m using arrow component to show directions for debug - yes, aim etc;

I think, translating a little LeftHandThumb4 rotation can be enough. But don’t do it on bone. Add to bone socket - rotate it as you wish for best result (or even move). Then instead of bone reference (like a LeftHandThumb4) use this socket reference.

Yes, but it can be spawned not straight from hands (aiming direction) I think. For magic is ok I’m sure.