how to shorten taming interval

I’ve been looking through the below settings in trying to shorten the taming interval for my custom pteranodon(search ‘tam’) and tried changing several related to the consume interval with little effect that I could tell. I’m not sure what ‘support waking tame’ is. Looking for the settings to change to shorten the consumption interval as small as possible to speed taming. Thanks


bump down requiredtameaffinity, as the actual rate is probably global and set somewhere else as far as I can see

food consumption seems the same on all tamed dinos, so I’m prolly right about this one, no experience though

Thanks Borsek, you are correct - I set requiredtameaffinity to 0 and as soon as the ptero took its first bite it was tamed. Still had to wait a few minutes for it to take its first bite, but good enough for now.

How did you get the mod to take effect in game? I am trying to modify the Trike’s name with the Trike_character_bp and it still just shows up at Trike. What am I missing?

The below thread was what worked for me(thanks JasonFJ!)

on a different note, Xydion’s breakdown on adding player spawn items mostly worked for me, but while I was able to create my own item of 50 tranq arrows instead of only 1 by copying/renaming the primalitemammo file and setting the starting quantity to 50, I couldn’t get ‘my’ ingame arrows to drag onto the bow.

Hope that helps

Does that mean you created an entirely new ptera dino to replace the original?

It’s just a copy with a few parameter tweaks, so the game is pointed to use the ‘new’ copy in the mods folder with the changed parameters instead of the default game one.

That is what I can’t figure out, how/where to point the game to my new Dino_Character_BP with the name change and stat changes. I tried changing the dino_character_bp that the spawner uses then pointed the gamedata at the new spawner, but that didn’t result in any changes either.

Did you see/skip step#2 in the link?