How to shoot the UMG widgets?

I have:

  1. Projectile.
  2. Creature.
  3. Health bar (HB) above creature.
    It’s not a problem at all to demolish the creature then projectile overlaps with it. And the HB shows the health correctly. But i want in some cases (combo/alternative attack ) to shoot off the HB itself, so it will fly away (and probably rebound from the wall) and the creature will be enormously surprised and will stun/idle for a couple of seconds looking for its HB. Meanwhile i can destroy it faster. :slight_smile:
    How do i do it? Do i have to make some widget animation and attach it to a trigger box or there other way to do it? I’m little stuck (like a creature:)) in choosing the right way.

Hah, sounds funny. My advice would be to not use UMG for that. Just make a simple health bar box mesh you show over their heads with collision. Will be a lot more visually interesting, especially once the bar hits the ground you’ll want it to have some amount of dimension and not be entirely flat.