How to shoot a beam from hands?

I am trying to make something in the third person template where the player can shoot beams out of his hand, I have tried to search on Youtube, I just can’t find anything on how to do such a thing.

Here is what I want to do:
Players shoots beam out of hand → Collide with wall and do damage
The beam also needs to collide with other players their beams if they happen to shoot one.

Can anybody help me with this?

So the plan of attack would be to break this up into several steps.

  1. Create a socket location on the Hands skeleton mesh you want to shoot from
  2. Bind an input key to fire the beam
  3. When the input key is pressed, Peform a LineTrace from the socket location towards your look location
  4. Spawn a beam particle system, set the Beam start point to the socket location of the hands, and set the end point to the trace location.

Once you get the basic part done continue on with more advanced logic filtering actors from the trace to spawn other events…ect

Thats how I would start. Hope that helps get you started! =)

Can you maybe elaborate a bit? I am quite new to this.

I managed to get trace lines and when they hit they destroy a block(which doesn’t work in multiplayer so I also need to find a fix for that), but I also want a beam cannon basically and when you hold it it becomes stronger.

Can you maybe do a tutorial on this? I would really appreciate it.

Here are some targetted tutorials for you =) Luckily there are many out there so I don’t have to create new ones.


I have already seen then, I have yet to to watch the networking one, but that comes later.

I managed to get a beam emitter, but when I shoot it goes in one direction, it never goes where I am pointing at, is there a way to make the beam emitter aim where I am aiming?