How to ship Unreal FBX importer/exporter with final package?

Hi. I’m pretty newbie in UE4. I wanna to create a game that final user can be change the models of the game. In other words i wanna to create a moddable game. Can i ship unreal editor model importer/exporter with final binary package?
If the answer is yes. How to do it? With writing a plugin?
Can i resolve it with blueprint?
Or should i dig in C++ code?

Hi Mece,

This question best falls under the Legal Licensing to whether you can include Unreal’s FBX importer/exporter. That part of the question should be posted separately in the Legal and Licensing questions section of AnswerHub. Some things with the editor cannot be redistributed, but I’m not sure specifically what that entails. The legal team responds to licensing questions often and can let you know.

As far as doing your own version, you can probably start with Autodesk’s FBX SDK and create a plugin, which will require code. This cannot be achieved using Blueprints.

Thank you!