How to sharpen a texture sample image?

Is there a way in blueprints to sharpen a texture sample image similar to photoshop’s filter>Sharp> unsharp mask tool?

Any “sharpen” type node I can place after the texture sample node? If not, any workaround without having to edit the texture in photoshop?

Really, there is no way to sharpen a texture sample image node?
No workarounds out there?

No one answered … :smiley:

Sharpening a texture involves a convolution kernel akin to a blur, it is one of the most expensive type of operations one can perform on 2D data. I would certainly not recommend that you render that in real time. If you really want to do it, Unreal has the spiral-blur shader that you could adapt to your needs, then an Unsharp Mask is computed as follows:

RGB - blur(RGB) + RGB

Using also the spiral blur example, you could also implement directly a sharpening kernel, a 2D sharpening convolution could use a kernel as follows:

+0 -1 +0
-1 +5 -1
+0 -1 +0