How to share UE4 source private fork on github?

I have created a private fork of the UE4 source code on github and I need to share it with another team member (also a UE4 subscriber). I ran into a forum answer here that indicated that I need to create an organization on github to accomplish this.

I found that to create a private repo in an organization on github I must purchase bronze level access (which I did). I then tried to transfer ownership of the repo to the organization in order to share it with my colleague but I was unable to share it as it was a private repo. I then tried to simply convert my personal account into an organization on github which I also could not accomplish as I would have to leave the Epic Games organization, losing access to the source code.

I am now at a complete loss as to how I am supposed to share my private fork amoung team members. Any help would be very appreciated

I might be missing something… but wouldn’t it be sufficient to simply push and pull between two separate, private repositories? Just add them as a remote and have him or her add you as a remote, then push and pull between each other, as necessary.

For instance, subscribers can view my repository and add it as a remote:

In my case, it would be boring and out of date, but entirely possible. It extends beyond the functionality of the GitHub website, too. You can connect to other subscribers’ private GitHubs through Git, itself.

For instance, with UnrealTournament, I have my GitHub as my remote repository with nickname “Origin”. I have Epic’s repository nicknamed “Upstream”. I could just as easily have your repository with the nickname “zjg”.

Then, if I want to pull any of your changes, if they were published to GitHub, I’d type “git pull zjg (branchname)”. Done.

Does this satisfy the functionality that you require?

Yeah, but how to limit access to only certain people? Anything I forked from UnrealEngine is visible by the subscribers and it is not always a desirable behavior. How can I make the forked repo visible only to a certain team of people?

In that case, you would probably need to fork Unreal Engine into your account under the Epic Games organization AND create a private repository in your own organization that you ALSO pull to your local file system.

You can add that first repository on your local file system as a remote for your second, private repository to use Git to manage merging and such. Someone would need to pull from Epic into your first repo, then pull from your first repo into your second repo (handling any conflicts of course), then push to your private GitHub repo.

For a semi-related example, see:

Obviously, your personal GitHub repo cannot be a public repo.

Epic might want to add to or correct this. I am obviously not affiliated with them.