How to share highscore in facebook using UE4?

Hi, I’m trying to make a system that allow players to share on facebook their score after a game and maybe a “like my page” button to add in the main menù of the game.

I tryed with the open URL function but it just can redirect to the facebook page using the default browser, instead, I would like to use the facebook application for the redirect.

And I can’t figure out how to make a shareable content that, if someone click on, redirect on the market for download the game

Thank you

I’m looking for the same thing!

Why don’t you go take a look at the FB developers area and find out what they have?

There are a couple of different JSON and REST plugins around that you can play around with, that should get you the functionality that you are looking for. 4.8 also has a web browser built in so you can use that for linking to your page and the marketplace

How to share highscore in facebook using UE4?

Hello there folks! Is there a way to use certain social media functions? I read the documentation and found some info and nodes, but no info about how those works.

I’m trying to implement a leadearboard/highscore table for a game I’m making, I only need to make the system able to share a UMG score on facebook and create a highscore table, do you have any idea how could that be done via blueprints? I’m thinking in using a datatable, to write the numbers, name and whatever needed for the UMG widget blueprint, and had that table to update a string in facebook, but I totally have no idea how to do so. Any input?

some of your answers can be found here ‘Tappy Chicken’ example from EPIC.

I already checked Tappy Chicken and didn’t found facebook nor twitter integration.

Before we begin, are you developing for PC or iOS?

Did you look at Facebook’s developer area? That would be the first place to start.

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You would want to use from the facebook api

I’m doing it for both. I need to make a PC game and then port it to mobile (android and iOS) I’m trying to know how the facebook API must be integrated into UE4

Any news on how to integrate the facebook API to unreal engine 4?

Any news for facebook login and share scores ?

I can resolve your problem! I’ve just released plugin with Facebook implementation for iOS & Android! :smiley:

More info:

gameDNA studio