How To Share Events Between Blueprints?

Ok, I want it so that when player presses right mouse ( use object) button, event associated with RMB to be fired on the item blueprint which the character currently holds. More generally, there will be two events for each object on a parent class (RMB, LMB). When one of these events are fired, the selected child blueprints will play a specific animation, or function (different functions for all child). I have tried using interfaces, function libraries, event dispatchers… none of them worked. There is a communication problem between BP’s. Can someone explain what to do or give an idea about how would they do it? I hope i could explain.
Thank you for your response/help.

Event RMB → Do your character thing → get Inventory → Do your Inventory thing (simple chain calling)

As for the Child BPs:

Event RMB → CallSomeFunction (created in Parent)

Override CallSomeFunction (in your Child BP) and optionaly right Click the Function and add Call to Parent

You should keep another thing in mind. Input events can be Consumed. If you got the same Input event on more than one Object than only one will ever be executed. Unless you click on your Input Event and uncheck “Consume Input” in the Details Panel.

Thats it good Luck =)

Hey, Nachtmahr. Thank you for your prompt reply. following the suggestions you made, the child blueprint doesn’t seem like it sees the input from parent. As you can see,

And this is the child BP.

When (Right or Left) mouse is clicked, the print string doesn’t work. And also the parent BP is NOT a CHILD of playercharacter. Does this cause input to not process properly?
Thank You…

Ok, so since the BP wasn’t the playercharacter, it needed an enable input node with the event begin play. Simple mistake.