How to Share Content Intra-Company after I've bought it?

So this may be a very dumb question but how do I give access to market content to another epic user that is a part of my team?
We haven’t “paid” for anything yet but one of my partners got some of the free content for us to start working with before we did
pay for anything. So I do know that I could just go get the free content for my own user but in the future that would mean having
to pay for the content again. Any help understanding this is appreciated, thank you.

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache -> Copy and send the folder with the marketplace pack that you want to share -> tell him to add it to the same folder -> job done. This is the only way.

When you have a team, use some version control program.

Unreal is OutOfTheBox ready for use with Perforce, so you will can share all you project including markeplace items.
You can create your own server or use cloud services like or

If you have a server you could install the Launcher there, download the assets and make a symlink at your and your colleagues computer like that (run cmd as admin and type):


Note: To run above command, make sure that you remove or rename your current VaultCache folder.