How to Share a Project Folder

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If you want to share an asset from one project into another, you can use content Migration. Here is a guide:

Let me know if that answers your question or if there is anything you would like clarified.


How can I create a Project and Share It with all other projects. Like a Material library or Blue Print Library. Basicaly, I what share content between my projects.

Example.: I Have a project that I´m working on a weather system. All this content, I want to be available to any other project. And more important. I want the changes made on this files, reflect on other projects.

As a comparative, I want a Git submodule inside my projects. There is a Way?

Content migration does not work because each change is not propagated to all projects. Even so appreciate the help.

Can be made a request for this feature?

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Not a problem, a feature request has been made for an auto-migration tool that will look for changes and then update assets in your child projects automatically.

Can I recommend this?
Just Add a button on content browser to select “Shared” folders.
This can be useful for texture libraryes, BPs, and everything else.
As I said before, must be work like submodules of GIT.

The request references your post directly, so your notes are included.

Thank You.

The migrate option (similar to the Unity solution) is not efficient when your Shared assets get to by 10GB.

It would be good if we could use an external folder or use the Game folder while being able to use the Engine version update and Subversion features still.