How to share 1 animation between 2 skeletons

I have 2 skeletons

  1. “Woman” (with 100 animation)
  2. “Woman on heels” (copied from “Woman” with no animations)

The difference is only in slightly 2 shifted bones.
I know that i can use retargeting and retarget all 100 animations to “Woman on heels” skeleton.
So, it will be “woman_idle” and “woman_idle_on_heels”. (So resulting 200 animations).
But my game logic suppose use certain animations in certain cases, so it’s quite annoying to choose which animation use in which case.

My question is:
“How to share 1 animation for 2 skeletons, without creating additional animation file (retargeted)” ?

I’m looking for the same answers as well. I realize you can set the retargeted options to skeleton so that it will try to match the animation with the corresponding skeleton. However it does affect full-body IK in some ways…

@ If the hierarchy is the same for both skeletons (i.e. all bones have the same path to parent), you have no need for two skeletons. That’s the purpose of skeletons — to share animation data between characters with different proportions.