How to setup two Executive Commands?

I just want to run two commands at the same time when using a Level Blueprint.
How can you do that?

For example, if I have only one running it looks like the sceenshot below. But what if I want to run a second one? How do you add a second command that runs simultaniously?

Thank you so much for your help!

What exatly do you mean by “at the same time”? Can’t you just copy and paste execute console command node to run after the first one?
Or use a sequence node (btw. sequence nodes were introduced in ue4 to avoid running events “at the same time”.

Hit SHIFT+Enter to make a new line and add more commands.

The sequence node ensures that delays or latent actions can be bypassed by other events in a sequence.

When you refer to “at the same time” I assume you are talking about being in the same frame/tick since every event in Blueprint happens serially.

What I mean is, that I would like to run two commands.
It’s okay if they are executed one after another.
I guess Garner mentioned… I guess I just have to hit SHIFT+Enter?
I was also thinking about stat fps; stat unit;