How to Setup Steam Multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4

Hi Folks

I dont know if its just me but I think there is alot of confusion around this topic, I can tell you my experience and please correct me and clarify this if you can.

Starting with “Shooter Game” example from Unreal, I downloaded this project about 4 months ago and was able to play it with my friend connecting through steam.

I then purchased Allars “Generic Shooter” which did claim to be set up for steam connecting but did not work, however I did manage to connect via steam after taking “Shooter Game” as an example and correcting Allars DefaultEngine.ini

For a while I gave up on UE4 and came back to it in the last few weeks and have not been able to connect over steam since.

I know that you need to have an approved app with steam but it was my understanding for the purpose of testing, one could use the “SpaceWar” app id.

While I do get “Myfriend” or “Me” is playing spacewar I am unable to connect a game using any of the games mentioned already.

  • What I would like is if someone can make this clear, what is the deal with steam connecting, can it still be done, am i missing something.
  • What I would love is if someone could take this topic back to the start and maybe go through it step by step, not just for me but for the community.

I have seen this video and have had no success with it and if you read the comments, the results from others seems unclear

So there we have it…

Anyone able to clarify this please get stuck in

Thank you Very Much!

So you need to create a session and after you need to open a new level with the parameter ?listen .
If you want to find some sessions you get an array when you search for sessions.
You can create widgets and add those to an scrollbox as child.
in those widgets you can have buttons and a value like search result with the object variable BP_SessionResult.
After you add to child you can cast to those button and set the result variable to the variable you found.

And then the person who wants to join should be able to join.

Make sure you connected the playercontroller unless you can’t connect or it will found a lot other useless results or what ever.

But with this way it should work perfect.
If not you can also try to set the game version to a long number that has no game …


I have the same confusions as topic creator. What I’d like to know is: Is it possible to use Steam Servers WITHOUT a “green lit” title on Steam? It seems a lot of people are using steam with non-green lit games (like demo-example projects). But when going over to it sounds like the game must be green lit to use their online architecture. All tutorials are about the blueprint programming of sessions or generally how to set up a dedicated server (which is very valuable), but I don’t get more generally the relationship between setting up online accessibility for an indie game (or “example project”) and the “Steam Master Server”. Is it as simple as putting the steamworks Online Subsystem in the .ini file and or…?


Salutations morganmc!

I noticed the YouTube series you were working from was not the official Steam mutiplayer blueprints series from Epic.
If you have not seen it yet you may want to check out this great official multi-part series available here: