How to setup so crash log displays exactly where code is crashing?

My multiplayer game is primarily Blueprint with some c++ too.

When I package it up and run it… occasionally the server crashes when a client joins the session (the client doesn’t crash though)

but when I look at the main game log for the server host it doesn’t really show anything special that would cause the crash.

here’s the last few lines…

2016.12.29-23.22.29:080][708]LogConsoleManager:Warning: Setting the console variable 'r.DetailMode' with 'SetByScalability' was ignored as it is lower priority than the previous 'SetByConsole'
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:080][708]sg.EffectsQuality = "1"
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:080][708]r.DetailMode = "1"
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:083][708]LogGameMode: levelStatus: /Game/ChinaTown 0 0 0 None 0
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:083][708]LogGameMode: levelStatus: /Game/Castle 1 1 1 PersistentLevel 0
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:083][708]LogGameMode: levelStatus: /Game/StartZone 1 1 0 PersistentLevel 0
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:083][708]LogNet: Join succeeded: BloodlustBilly1
[2016.12.29-23.22.29:414][725]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)

I checked the other “crashcontext.xml” and the “report.wer” and UE4MiniDump (I open in visual studio) - but again… it doesn’t really reveal where or why the crash.

which crash file should I be looking at to see exactly which function the crash occurred?

I even packaged it up using the “debuggame” configuration setting, thinking it would give more crash details - am I doing something wrong or overlooked something?

any suggestions?

ALSO: when I get the crash window its does say “You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.”

Is that important?


I figured out I needed to install the Debug part of the unreal engine so now it gives me few more details when crashing… but is there a way to see exactly where in the code or which node in blueprints the crash is occurring?

I am even running Visual Studio 2015 and pressing CRTL + ALT + P and attaching my game process (but doesn’t really show much when crash occurs OR I don’t know how to read it properly)

(A few months back I remember seeing a crash file that showed the exact function and line of code or “node” where crash occurs - but not seeing that now-might of been a different install? I forget - it was a while back… but it was great for finding issues with crashes)