How to setup Rigid body correctly?

Ok so I have successfully got my new character in with a proper skeletal mesh w compatible UE4 skeleton. Now I am venturing into physics for the skeletons Hair Braids.

I found this:…ody/index.html

Now it looks good, however, my implementation of it is failing pretty hard…

It doesnt explain where they get the vector for the external force, or how the bone constraints are setup. it says to simply just add the rigid body node, set bones to simulate and voila. but I know UE4 and i know its not that simple.

I am able to get the braids to simulate. however instead of looking cool like their example, my chars hair braids are looking floppy and deflated, going through the mesh and the don’t follow the animations nicely. they look sorta like play doh and pull away from teh character during jumps and very unpleasent. I cannot find a video or documentation that explains this further. Anyone familiar with this?

I have the rigid body in my Animgraph, but without anything linked to the external force, and I have the “set all bodies below simulate” on my charatcers event graph because it throws an error when i dont have that.

Thanks! I can post a video if anyone is interested in my current stage with it.

Update I played with the bone setting for damping linear and angular, that has helped the floppy look quite a bit. Now I just cant figure out why there is no collision between the braids and the mesh itself. the braids are part of the mesh as a whole sealed mesh. i’ve tried different collision settings in the character blueprint yet no change…