How to setup physics for a custom character? Literally no recent docs or info on this subject anywhere

Hey all trying to make a simple slime monster. It’s literally a cube with 9 bones total, 1 to each corner and the center.

If I start game so the slime’s behavior tree initializes and it stars trying to move it will just keep flipping and falls all over the place. Most tutorials on this subject are super old or non-existent.

How is anybody supposed to actually learn this? How do I setup a custom skeleton to use correct physics, it obviously is more to it then giving a pawn some physics and a skeleton mesh.

End game would be a way for the front bones to stretch forwards and pull the rest along like a slug or something but I can’t even get the most basic parts setup correctly.

If I go into the physics asset all the bones are hidden by default except one that is simple called “bone” it has a capsule on it but no matter what I do to the bones in this they will not move in any way, shape, or form. In the actual skeleton mesh they all show and move correctly. Is there a way to simulate the skeleton mesh like the physics body? Since the physics body won’t let me do anything? How do youtubers do the thing where they can get a red line that lets them click and drag a bone to preview a simulation?

Any good tutorials that explain this stuff? Not everybody is just using the default mannequin or even a person, surely YOU who made any monster character had to deal with this stuff as well? I just want to start learning the process of making procedural animations and I didn’t think it could get easier then a ducking slime. But I can’t even get this dude to move correctly with physics.

Literally any help appreciated. I am more then willing to screenshot any picture you need but it’s literally a default character bp, with a skeleton mesh that is just 8 bones and a default blender cube.

  1. It is rigged and weight painted correctly. Scale, loc and rot are applied.

  2. Default export setting as fbx.

  3. Imported with default settings I get; a material, skeleton mesh, physics asset and a skeleton.

  4. Pawn movement component, ai controller, behavior tree, mesh and capsule collision are setup correctly. And these all work if I just disable the physics and skeleton.

  5. I am pretty sure the initial setup for the skeleton is correct as well at begin play I assign the skeleton, physical animation settings and the physics body. But not 100% sure.

There are 0 recent tutorials anywhere about how to setup physics bodies, constraints, what the numbers on the side mean or what profiling does or anything. Tutorials anywhere I can’t even find any paid ones. Do coders just pop out of the ducking womb already knowledgeable on this stuff? Seriously what do I do? My project is dead before it even started if I can’t figure out the most basic thing like custom characters.

The numbers seem to do nothing on the constraints, collisions, gravity, nothing makes sense or means anything and when the description of the variables boils down to “It is x because it is x” there is 0 way to possibly learn from this. All the ue4 tutorials on the PHAT are over 6 years old now.

Please help, literally anything highly appreciated.

Hi! First of all take a look at this PhAT: Overview | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Yeah that’s my problem dude the tutorial for this is 6 years old. Are there any recent tutorials on this

Yeah it is old, but is actual in main points. This one is more recent Anyway you can go through both of them…

Will do, thanks!

Can you fix up that bottom link? It goes to nowhere and I need all the reading I can get.

Cheers mate, appreciate the help.