How to setup MySQL and PHP Properly to save player stats as well as a account system

Hello, I would like to make a login system where a user can either register on the game or website and login on the game or website, I also want to have certain stats, kills, scores, and time played. I also have two server locations, one in Northern California and one in Central California, I want users to be able to go to the website and see the server status for those servers. Another feature I would like is a voice party chat as well as a friends list, and a search feature that allows a user to search for a user by username or email, I want the friends list on the game and website to. BTW I also want the user to set the party to public or private, Private as Invite Only, And public anyone can join. I also want a feature that allows for map selection aswell as a HUD that shows health and ammo as well as inventory to store weapons and other things and also a minimap. P.S. I want the user to see their stats on the website and the game. All of these features I have no idea how to to as there is very little to no documentation on the internet. I would also love it if you could show me how to do it in blueprints and provide step by step instructions and tell me exactly how to setup the database in MySQL and provide the PHP Script(s). And/or a link to a video(s) on how I can do these features. Any help would be greatly appriciated and accepted. Thank you very very much if you can help me!!!

Do you really expect people to write down how to make entire online infrastructure… step by step? If you don’t even know where to start i think best options for you are:

  1. Consider getting somebody to help you out that know how to do it
  2. Use already existing online serves like Steam, they have most of features you seeking for but oyu probably wont be able to do website integration that well.
  3. Think if you not aiming too high

I’m not trying to be nasty but you really asking for quite complex solution. Now if you really up to the task i recommend you to break your problems in to smaller tasks insted looking at it as a whole, because your question sounds like a order for the programmer and no body gonna design system for you out on the street.

If you plan to use PHP, and you know something about it it should be natural for you to understand that what you looking for is ability to communicate with server in UE4 over HTTP protocol, how to implement online service in UE4, creating server side code is also separate problem. You could also conside using some reasy solution on server side and just make UE4 communicate with it.

I will give you general direction

First of all this is not really possible with blueprints, as it does not provide HTTP communication APIs or else you use some plugin like VaRest. Blueprints also don’t have full proper implementation of OnlineSubsystem APIs and you can not implement new service support to it via blueprints. So you will need to do some C++ work here.

So HTTP, UE4 provides APIs for HTTP communication, here some instructions how to use them:

Now best way to implement online service is to make your own implementation on OnlineSubsystem. OnlineSubsystem is a common interface for online services, allowing to make single code that works with all online game services. The big problem is it’s not very well documented even for using Steam for example and absolute 0 about implementing your own service (you probably gonna struggle to find any tutorial about it, because most developers use Steam on PC and PSN/Live on Consoles). You need look in engine source code and see hos those OnlineSubsystems are implmented, generly good start point is NullOnlineSubsystem that have fallback implementation where game don’t use any service

Here you have source code of all OnlineSubsystems avable in UE4, best will be if oyu make your own plugin