How to setup FPS View with Silver military characters.

Hi, I am having trouble using the First Person and Third Person example to create a First Person view with the silver military character i brought off the market place.

I have the Third Person player setup with the character he runs around fine, but i was hoping to use the character for a first person shooter, and since the first person shooter only has 2 arms attached to a camera i am at a loss about how to set up the silver military character for first person view.

I did try changing the mesh to the military character mesh and moving the camera forward but when the character moved the camera started moving inside the character, and now i am searching for a way to fix this.

Any help on how i could get the first person view with the silver military characters would be appreciated.


In a 3d software, youd have to extract the arms from the rest of the character and then skin them to the bones of the first person arms that you were mentioning. After that, in UE import the new arms as a skeletal mesh and use the HeroFPP skeleton.

That’s how I would do it.

Normals usually work as expected in UE4 so all you need to do is move the camera inside the character’s head from the components tab. You could also do as stated above and export the character, delete unwanted polygons, export and re-import - just keep in mind you can’t change the skeleton… AT ALL.

I was hoping to keep the full character so it can be used for a multiplayer FPS game, so removing parts of the mesh is not really an option for me.

What i have managed to do so far, is attach the camera to the head socket, but it wobbles when idle and tilts slightly to the right when running so still trying to figure out a better way,

Just trying to get a Call of Duty/ Battlefield FPS view going so i have the gun in view, and be able to look around without the camera being fixed to actors movement.

I am attempting to do a Scifi First Person Shooter and i am creating a few prototype levels on my own and got a little stuck setting up a FPS character and its weapons, doing what i can from tutorials,

Gets a little frustrating at times.