How to setup buttons to trigger multiple matinees

Hey folks

I’m very new to Blueprint, my background is web and branding so please excuse my ignorance if the solution I’m after is paaaaainfully obvious.

I want to create this simple scenario (I am using the Third Person Starter map to work from):

  • Put a button on the map which changes colour and spins when a player approaches, makes them bored, stops when they leave
  • When the player is close to the button and presses LMB, a cinematic is triggered
  • Import several of these buttons into the map, allowing the player to trigger various cinematics at will

I’ve created the following Button Blueprint which successfully makes the button spin and change colour when approached, and print some text on the screen when LMB is clicked just to ensure that core function works:


I have likewise created a simple matinee, which is triggered by the following Blueprint just to make sure it works, and it does:


The problem I have, is knowing how to change the ‘Print text’ function when LMB is clicked in my Button Blueprint, to ‘Play Matinee’ instead.

As I understand it, Matinee sequences can only be triggered within the Level Blueprint, but this is an inpractical as (I assume) it would mean duplicating my entire Button Blueprint there for every cinematic I wish to make triggerable by a button.

In my head, I figure the logical thing to do would be make the output of LMB click in my Button Blueprint, reference the Matinee I want it to play in the Level Blueprint, but I have no idea whether this is possible or even sensible.

Again, sorry if I’ve missed something obvious, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ignore me, just discovered the wonderful world of EventDispatchers, sorry!