How to setup blueprints in a mini game

I am working on a project where you can play various mini games (in multiplayer). I intend to put all the mini games into one single level. So I have multiple sets of pawns, huds, cameras and inputs.

My understanding is that I can only have one player controller, which cannot be changed on the fly (?). I can already see how the controller is becoming cluttered by many different input setups (of which only a small set is active).
So what is a good way to split up the logic per mini game?

Would you put the input logic entirely into the pawn? Does that have any downsides, eg when the player dies or for network replication?
What about the potentially reusable parts (eg navigation input or camera setups)?

Thanks in advance for your input :slight_smile:

I would put the logic inside of the pawns (or better yet Characters which wrap input actions directly into themselves)

Mostly because the player controller represents the player himself (sitting at the keyboard) and in your case it would make the most sense to detach him from one character and attach him to another for each minigame.