How to setup Android platform

I am wondering that the tutorial in this link:

show me the way to setup Android platform with TADP 2.0r8.
Is that ok If I use TADP 3.0r2?

By the way, Anyone can show me how to use UE source code to install Android platform. It’s take me 3 weeks to install it but I’ve not done it, yet
Which NDK target I have to install? (32-bit target or 64-bit target)

Sorry about my questions, but I really don’t know what I have to do. :’(

Hi dragon8001,

I am going to need a bit more information from you on this issue. Are you asking if, by following the tutorial, you will be able to Package and deploy for an Android device?

Also, What source build from GitHub are you currently using? I would not recommend using anything but the latest ‘promoted’ build. The ‘promotable’ builds can cause issues with your projects and package of your projects.

By following the Tutorial, you should be able to package and deploy for an android device. It provides a route for both the Binary build and the Github Build location for the NVIDIA SDK. You want to use the 64 bit, also.

Let me know if anymore information is needed.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi, Sean Gribbin

Thanks for your reply.
I do with the following steps:

  1. Install TADP
  2. Generate project file with GenerateProjectFiles.bat
  3. Build the project with “Development Editor”, “Development”, “Android”
  4. I open the UE4 editor but I didn’t see any Android option like this:


After that, I remove TADP and try to use the instructions in [this page][2]

I am using these components:

  1. UnrealEngine-4.4.0-Source
  2. Android SDK r23.0.2
  3. NDK r10
  4. JDK 1.7
  5. Ant 1.9.4

But, It doesn’t work.

Are you build following this Documentation page:

If you are and are not able to see that option, you may want to uninstall source code and then re-build the Engine.

The TADP contains the NDK, JDK, and the Ant, so you will have to use the TADP to install those pieces. I am not sure of any other location to download those items other then the TADP currently.

Can I use the latest version of NDK, JDK, Ant without using TADP?

Thank you, Sean Gribbin. I will use it. :slight_smile:

Hey Dragon8001,

I have reached out to a fellow developer for a bit more information on this issue. Here is a summary of what was said:

It sounds like you installed the parts yourself instead of with our provided TADP so the environment variables were likely not set when you did the compile; it is necessary at the moment for android to be available. Also, I’m assuming you meant “Development Editor” “Win64” (rebuild), then “Development” “Android” (build).

You would need to make sure that you are using either ndk-9c or ndk-9d, not the latest ndk-10 (they changed the toolchain paths) with 32-bit, NOT 64-bit toolchain (32-bit is what is in TADP). Android SDK should be 19, not L.

Let me know if this helps with your issue. Thanks!

Thank you, Sean Gribbin

Now It works!!! :smiley:

Happy to hear. Have a great day!