How to setup a vehicle created with Lightwave?

I have Lightwave and I don’t know how to setup a vehicle. Can someone help me
Thank you

Hi there,

I have not used Lightwave before, however the basic setup should be the same as any other 3d program.

Here is the guide on setting up your model

The basic requirements are that your vehicle is facing X-Axis forward, your wheels need to each be their own separate mesh as well as the main body (total of 5 meshes), then using the programs Bone or Linking system you will need to link each wheel to the main body. If you are using bones you need to make sure the root bone is located at 0,0,0 on the XYZ axis, and it has it’s rotation values as well set to 0,0,0.

When you export the vehicle to an FBX file make sure you have Z-axis pointing up, animation settings turned on, and unit scale set to centimeters (1cm = 1uu (unreal unit))

Once you have that complete, follow this guide to get everything working within UE4

If you are having difficulty adding in any of the above requirements from Lightwave, you can try exporting the vehicle out and importing it into Blender, from there you can set up all of these options.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need more info.

Hi. I almost got my box car working, but when I turned, the car disappear. In UE, the bones are higher than what I put them… Can you send me a picture what the linking system look like?
Thank you

The car is most likely disappearing due to the camera setup, go into your vehicle blueprint and in the Components tab, select the camera and un-check the “Use Control Rotation” value in the details panel.

The bones shouldn’t be higher, I am not sure why that is happening, but here is an image of a car I made a while back:

You can see that the bones are centered to each wheel, and the root bone is at 0,0,0 below the vehicle.