how to setup a VEHICLE AI?

Hi folks!
I’m starting form 4.2 Racing Game Demo:
I can’t find documentation/tuts/info on how to set up a vehicle AI. I have tried to replicate some third person AI tuts… like “simpe move to” Target point… but my vehicle don’t wanna move. I’m also not sure if following a thid person AI example could be usefull since the different nature of a vehicle pawn (acceleration, steer…).

there are other questions on vehicle AI on forum/answerHub but without a real answer

I would also like to know that, as I am really new to Unreal, some directions will be more that welcome!:slight_smile:

you would probably need to implement a aicontroller that have a ‘driveToLocation’ function that use your throttle and wheel to do it.

i know it sound way too simple and not really answer the question in full. the reality being it has so many possibilities for a car to turn to specific direction, let along drive and arriving a location. it’s not easy in any sense.

i’d suggest use both behavior tree and simpler task to implement complex behavior.