how to set: when player idle for 2 minutes - load a level?

so, because my game will be exhibited in a public space - somebody might quit after a minute or two of playing and just leave the player character in the middle of the game. i want the game to return to beginning level when the player is not moving/idle for 2 minutes.

Maybe something like this in your player controller( or wherever you handle input):

Just need to change the time value to 120 or whatever,I just useed 10s to speed it up.

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wow, thank you sooooo much! but how to make this “IDLETIMER” node?

Create the set timer node first, then promote the return value to a variable

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I can’t figure out how to do that :frowning: and also add the “set” one on the right

Right click somewhere in the event graph, and search for set timer by event. Once that’s there, you can drag off the return pin to promote to variable which also sets it.

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i did it, thank you so much!

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