How to set visibility of a static mesh on, after interacting with another static mesh BP?

I want to interact with a static mesh “X” and when I interact with it, a static mesh “Y”, which was invisible, turns its visibility on.

I already have the interaction mechanic working, i am only having trouble adding this feature of linking to another static mesh and turning its visibility on.

I can not find any tutorial related to this specific functionality.

do you mean something like that ?

here are the steps in a few screenshots :slight_smile:

hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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I think you can use a Boolean which sets to true after the interaction is done, then by default, Static mesh “Y” should be set to hidden in game, using a branch with the condition being the Boolean which was set to true after the interaction was done, set the hidden in game tick of static mesh “Y” to the true execution pin of the branch.
If you’ve got any questions, I’m happy to help :raised_hands:t3::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for the insight from both of you! In my case I think it would be more appropriate the ValLevi approach. But I couldn’t achieve this result, i tried to set the boolean variable on after the interaction and connect it with the branch to influence the visibility, but it didn’t work.
I attached some of the screenshots to show what i did.
To explain better, the “BP_InspectMaster” is the Blueprint i created to interact with the Item (Collect Blacksmith) and the “BP_ToBeAppeared” is the Blueprint to set the visibility of the item, which is already invisible (Crystal) and i want it to be shown after the interaction.
Any idea what went wrong?

Quick question tho, are they all in the same blueprint or in different blueprints, if they are in the same blueprint, create a Boolean variable, give it the name “interacted”, now go to the end of your interaction nodes and set that variable, interacted, to true.
Then find a space on the blueprint, drag in the Static mesh Y reference, drag off it’s return node, right click and type hidden in game, leave it at false or set it to false depending on it’s default value, hold down “B” and right click to get a branch, off of the true node of the branch, plug it to the hidden in game node you now have on your blueprint, now get the variable “interacted” and plug it in as the condition of the branch.
Finally, right click and type “Event tick”, now plug the event tick to the left hand side of the branch.
This should work fine, buh in a scenario whereby you want to use a key instead to trigger the event, just right click and choose the key you want to use and replace “Event tick” with it.
The only difference is event tick happens automatically after the interaction is done while using a key won’t work till you press the key after the interaction was done.
They’re alot of risks to over using the event tick tho, especially after you’ve gotten alot of codes into one blueprint, even to the point of collapsing them into nodes.
Personal advice, it’ll be best to use custom blueprint, I can give you steps on how to use it instead of the tick buh it’s your choice :slightly_smiling_face: