How to set view location after ending the level?

Upon ending my level and returning to the editor, my view is annoyingly set to under the landscape. Know I know this is not a glitch or anything, but it obviously has some setting that dictates where the view is set when you return to the editor. It’s very annoying having to speed up and fly to my player spawn. So is there a way to set a specific default location on opening UE4/after ending a level? It would just save me lots of time in the long run. Thank you to any who answer!

*I know you can double click actors to fly to them, but i’d have to sort to the right one

Just go up to the arrow next to the play button and set the play button to “new editor window” and itll launch a completely separate editor window to play the game in and close when its done

Oooohhhhh that works nicely! How silly of me. I’ll use this from now on!